Frequently Asked Questions


EcoCentric is a one-stop shop for takeout, groceries, and zero-waste essentials delivered to your door in an environmentally friendly way.  All merchandise purchased through EcoCentric is packaged in reusable containers allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home without the waste created by traditional single-use packaging.

How do I place an order?

Type in your location and click “Go To Marketplace” to view all participating vendors in your area.  Once you’ve selected a vendor, a list of their available products and takeout options will be displayed.  All you need to do is add your items to your shopping cart, checkout and wait for your eco-friendly delivery!

How much does EcoCentric cost?

Our reusable containers are available to you free of charge as long as they are returned to us within one week of you receiving them.  If a container is not returned within this time, you will be charged AED 5 plus tax for each container.  The cost of merchandise and takeout items are listed on the individual vendor pages on our website.  An additional delivery charge may also be added at checkout depending on the vendor and your location.

How do I return the reusable containers?

You can schedule a pick-up of all used containers through our website.  You may also drop off your containers at our cleaning hub, just be sure to share the unique code from your order history page when you return them.

Should I wash the containers before returning them?

We appreciate your help with ensuring that containers are rinsed and free of food residue when they are returned.  After drop off, all containers will be cleaned and sanitized at our dedicated cleaning hub.

When do I need to return the containers?

At EcoCentric, we want to work with your schedule.  That’s why you have up to one week to return your used containers.  If a container is not returned within this time, you can keep the container, and the replacement cost will be billed to your account.  At EcoCentric, we know that people get busy, so we will send you reminders about any containers that haven’t been returned just in case you forget.

Tell me more about the EcoCentric containers.

Our containers and EcoPacks (consisting of containers and cutlery) are all made out of biodegradable rice husk fibers.

All EcoCentric containers are microwave and dishwasher-safe and can easily hold hot and cold foods and liquids.  Our containers are 100% BPA-free and, unlike traditional plastic packaging, will not leach toxins into foods when heated.  Sturdy and fully reusable, EcoCentric containers typically last for over 1000 washes.  If a container becomes damaged, either by a chip, crack or otherwise, no worries!  It’s biodegradable.

What are the environmental benefits?

EcoCentric’s vendors are carefully selected for their commitment to greener living and their low-waste products and services.  When you order from EcoCentric, you are not only helping to support local, sustainable businesses, but you are working to promote a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Each EcoCentric reusable in circulation can replace at least 1000 single-use containers.  This drastically cuts the emissions and the physical waste resulting from single-use containers and even consumes significantly less energy than traditional recycling methods.  When our containers reach the end of their lifecycle, they are fully biodegradable meaning that they will not contribute waste to our oceans.  Additionally, because EcoCentric works with local vendors and communities, we are able to keep transportation to a minimum, saving energy and reducing fuel consumption dramatically.

I’m a vendor.  How do I sign up?

Thank you for your interest in working with EcoCentric! 

Applying to join the EcoCentric community is easy.  Simply click the “Partner with us” tab and create a new account by entering your business information, selecting a business category (Takeout, Grocery or Merchandise), and then uploading your business license for verification purposes.

After we have received your application, a member of our team will be in contact with you regarding terms and conditions, container requirements, and other essentials.  When we have gathered all the necessary information, your profile will be verified and you may begin uploading your items and services to the EcoCentric website.

The first set of EcoCentric reusable containers will be provided to all vendors free of charge.  Additional containers can be picked up at our cleaning hub or transported to you for a delivery fee.

Does EcoCentric service larger-scale events and venues?

Not yet, but keep a lookout for updates on sustainable event options and services.

How do I contact you?

Send us an email at